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Optical smoke beam detector for conventional fire systems

Eaton's Optical Smoke Beam Detector for conventional fire alarm systems is designed to replace individual point detectors in large, open areas, such as warehouses.

Extremely simple to install, the beam detector requires no separate power supply and features an easy alignment installation process. Fire and fault conditions are signalled to the control panel using standard loop wiring, so no additional interconnection required.

Two options are available in the range with two different ranges: up to 50 metres for smaller areas and up to 100 metres for larger spaces.

Simple setup
Simple setup mode enables easy alignment during installation.
Meet the requirements of EN54 part 12
Single device installed instead of numerous point detectors

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Reflective beam technology: cost-effective smoke detection for large, open areas

The detector features two parts: a transmitter-receiver and reflector. The transmitter-receiver directs a continuous infra-red beam towards the reflector which utilising a prism then sends back the beam to the transmitter-receiver which in turn registers the strength of the beam. 

A fire or fault is signalled when the continuous beam is interfered between the two parts by smoke; reducing the strength of the beam. The transmitter-receiver is preset to indicate a fire or fault when the beam's strength is below a certain value. 

Detectors that speak to the panel with ease of connection

The optical beam detector for use with Eaton conventional fire systems, operate using standard loop wiring. Thanks to their loop interconnectivity, fire and fault conditions are signalled directly to the conventional control panel, removing the need for any additional connections. They also have a simple set up mode enabling easy and quick alignment during installation.

Built in quick test

To help you with testing, each reflective beam detector is supplied with a test filter to simulate required smoke obscuration levels. This will help you to quickly confirm that any reflective beam detectors, that you install, are operating correctly.

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