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Visual alarm device for conventional fire systems

Eaton's range of visual alarm device for conventional fire systems has wall and ceiling variants, compatible with both a shallow and deep base.

A patented lens design distributes light to achieve the required illumination specified by EN54-23 while using the minimum current consumption.

Designed for installation at a height of up to 3m and with a discrete, compact appearance, the device is ideal for a variety of applications including bedrooms, bathrooms and toilets.

Ultra low current consumption of 10mA
Visual alarm device certified to EN54-23
High precision custom polycarbonate optics

Low current, maximum coverage with Eaton's "fit & forget" patented lens

The device utilising a patented long life LED lens optics which was originally developed for Eaton's LX range and specifically for the VAD EN54-23 standard.

It uses modern 'thick-mould' injection moulding techniques and innovative cylindrical output to achieve the correct level of illumination while keeping power consumption as low as possible.

Minimise installation costs with maximum line loading

Incorporating soft-start technology, the innovative feature constantly monitors the available voltage to give zero start up surge on the line, allowing maximum product loading. It can also detect line overloading and will indicate the fault with a rapid double flash.

Powerful notification, discrete installation

Designed for installation at a height of up to 3m and with its discrete appearance, the conventional visual alarm device is ideal for a variety of applications, including bedrooms, bathrooms and toilets, whilst providing clear visual notification to the surrounding area in event of an emergency.

Clear visual notification during an emergency; approved to EN54-23

VADs provide a clear signal of evacuation for any occupant that may not be alerted by an audible alarm due to working in a noisy environment like a factory, if they are hard of hearing or increasingly in office and educational environments due to wearing headphones.

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