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A/C and Refrigeration hoses

With industry-leading features like near-zero permeation, a tighter bend radius and the widest temperature range in its class, Eaton is setting new standards for hose performance, flexibility and durability in the mobile air conditioning industry.
Exceeds SAE J3062
Compatible with multiple refrigerants
Deliver performance & maximise uptime

Setting new standards for hose performance, flexibility and durability in the mobile A/C industry.

Customers today are demanding more from their vehicles. Components and systems have to work harder and last longer, delivering consistent results mile after mile. Couple that with evolving environmental standards and you have manufacturers wondering how to design vehicles that are both productive and environmentally sustainable.

EverCool GH001 A/C hose. Superior performance and versatility for the most demanding applications.

With industry-leading features like near-zero permeation, a tighter bend radius and the widest temperature range in its class, Eaton’s EverCool GH001 mobile A/C hose is an SAE J3062 Type E veneer hose that’s setting an entirely new standard for performance. Plus, the GH001 hose is qualified with several refrigerants and refrigerant oils including the emission-reducing R1234yf, helping you meet a variety of customer, industry and environmental requirements with a single, versatile hose.

E-Z Clip system for use with GH001 multi-refrigerant hose

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Benefits of Eaton’s E-Z Clip system:

  • No guesswork
  • No power supply needed
  • No leaking crimps
  • Easy to use in confined areas
  • Reduces installation time by 50 %
  • With an industry leading 3-year warranty, the Eaton E-Z Clip fitting is both easy to install and guaranteed to last.

E-Z Clip is as easy as 1-2-3

Eaton offers one of the simplest A/C hose assembly systems on the market today, the E-Z Clip system. Designed for use with Eaton’s multi-refrigerant GH001 hose, the E-Z Clip system for air conditioning hose assembly offers a flexible installation option without the need for a sizeable investment in crimp tooling. If you are servicing the heavy-duty truck, construction and agriculture market, the E-Z Clip system is a necessity. Eaton’s E-Z Clip hose and fitting connection exceeds SAE J2064 and has been vibration and impulse-tested to perform in demanding applications.

EverCool FC800 A/C hose


Best permeation performance of any large bore A/C hose on the market.

The EverCool FC800 Type B large bore A/C hose is the right hose and connector system for metro, touring and other large bus air conditioning applications and has the lowest permeation of any large bore hose in the industry – as much as 10 times better.
The highly engineered design of the FC800 significantly reduces the downtime and maintenance costs associated with “topping off the system” after it has been idle during the cooler months. With virtually half the bend radius of comparable large bore hoses, the FC800 offers significantly greater flexibility and therefore withstands the high mechanical stress coming from the engine.

The EverCool EC007 A/C hose goes beyond performance expectations.

Eaton’s EverCool EC007 Type C barrier hose is the newest addition to our portfolio, intended for truck, agricultural and construction customers. It is designed for improved fracture and kink resistance to reduce the damage that occurs when bending the hose in difficult or tight installations, or through normal wear and tear. In addition, the EC007 A/C hose has better permeation than any other Type C hose to minimise refrigeration loss, thereby reducing the environmental impact, downtime and costs associated with “topping off the system”.

EverCool A/C hoses outperform competitive products in the areas that matter most to customers.

Evercool Applications

  • Mobile A/C
  • Refrigeration    


  • Marine
  • Oil & gas
  • Vehicles

GH001 Applications

  • Air conditioning
  • Refrigeration


  • Marine
  • Mining, metals & minerals
  • Oil & gas
  • Vehicles

EZ Clip Applications

  • Airport runways
  • Frozen drink machines
  • Portable cool rooms


  • Building
  • Food & drink
  • Mobile machinery
  • Equipment
  • Vehicles

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From crimp and reusable fittings, quick disconnect couplings to steel adaptors and more, Eaton delivers an incredible range of fittings and connectors for virtually any mobile or industrial application to help you make the right connection every time.

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