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Tube fittings

Eaton tube fittings withstand pressure and corrosion with best-in-class performance. Globally available in a variety of styles and configurations, Eaton tube fittings deliver superior performance making our tube fittings a simple, flexible and cost-effective solution for many applications.
Offered in both metric and imperial sizes
Increased uptime in critical operations
Reduces maintenance costs

Eaton Tube Fittings

The Eaton standard SAE 370 flare type tube fitting conforms to the following hydraulic tube fitting standards. Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE J514.

Dura-Kote plating advantage

Corrosion spreads – choose your components wisely!

In a 650 hours salt spray test, Eaton’s family of components showed no corrosion migration in comparison to an assembly that combined an Eaton fitting with competitor components. This test illustrates why it is so important to choose Eaton components for your entire hose assembly.

Eaton tube fittings – with improved corrosion resistance
Eaton tube fittings now come with Dura-Kote plating, which gives you up to 1,000 hours of corrosion resistance. Dura-Kote is an innovative plating technology offering more corrosive protection for longer life, lower replacement costs, and improved appearance. This corrosion protection decreases the likelihood of leaking, which means less equipment downtime and greater productivity. Plus, there are no compatibility issues with Dura-Kote plating. The Eaton tube fittings you rely on today will look, feel and perform exactly the same.
  • Same form and functional capabilities
  • Same torque values and pressure ratings
  • Same silver appearance
  • Same procedures for assembly

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Versil-Flare flareless tube fitting 

The Eaton Versil-Flare flareless tube fitting can use any standard SAE 37° male flare adapter or hose fitting as a body. This eliminates the need to inventory special flareless tube fitting bodies and results in reduced inventory expense.  


Versil-Flare flared type tube fitting

The Eaton industrial standard three pieces Versil-Flare flared type tube fitting can be used on the full range of standard steel hydraulic tubing in various wall thicknesses. All three components are constructed from high quality zinc plated steel for long service life.


ORS-TF tube fitting

The ORS-TF tube fitting using the ORS-TF nut, ferrule and sleeve can be joined directly to steel tubing to solve your fluid leakage problems. It does not require the time and expense of brazing and provides the advantage of repetitive reuse. It is a compression type fitting that works on a variety of tubing.

Walterscheid metric tube connectors

Our Walterscheid series offers excellent performance combining reliable leak- free design with high bending and impulse resistance. With three different ways to create a connection, it provides a complete solution for any tube fitting needs and can meet a wide range of application challenges. To ensure ease-of-use and provide outstanding results, we support our Walterscheid series with an array of end-to-end services — including machine rental, maintenance, and operator training.

Moving the world forward!

The world’s toughest jobs require the best hoses and connectors. From factories to farms, our fluid conveyance solutions are making what matters work.
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