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PVM series open-circuit piston pumps

Build machines that provide unprecedented controllability, efficiency and productivity with Eaton PVM pumps. Compatible with Pro-FX Ready smart components, PVM series open-circuit, variable displacement piston pumps lead the industry in noise reduction, compact size and pressure rating.

Axial piston
18-141 cc (1.1-8.6 cu in)
315 bar (4,600 psi)

Proven to help your machines perform better than the rest

  • The quietest piston pumps in their class
  • The compact design delivers more power in less space
  • The proven rotating group provides up to 4,000 psi continuous pressure with lower maintenance costs
  • High load bearings rated at 28,000 hours at corner horsepower
  • Saddle-type swashplate with steel-backed polymer bearing for improved life
  • Unique tapered envelope design that reduces vibration

Features that pump up performance and productivity

  • Optional power control helps the machine use power more accurately
  • Variable-speed technology generates power far more efficiently than fixed-speed pumps
  • Better energy efficiency eliminates the need for costly, energy-consuming cooling equipment

Maximum flexibility for every industry and application

  • Wide displacement range to meet virtually any application need
  • ATEX certification helps ensure safe operation in explosive environments
  • Power settings can be adjusted in the field to easily fine-tune performance


Eaton’s advanced class of Pro-FX-ready products allow manufacturers to design and deliver smarter machines that:

  • Intelligently adapt and dynamically respond to changing demands and conditions
  • Optimise performance and maximise productivity while enhancing operator safety


  • Metal cutting
  • Oil & gas
  • Processing
  • Mining 
  • Marine
  • Energy

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