Mobile pumps
Series 2 and Series 1 high-pressure closed-circuit piston pumps
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Series 2 and Series 1 high-pressure closed-circuit piston pumps

With decades of proven reliability, you can rely on Eaton high-pressure closed-circuit variable piston pumps for all your mobile needs. These heavy-duty hydrostatic pumps are optimised for the most demanding applications, from combines and farm tractors, to construction equipment and timber harvesters.

Axial piston
55-105 cc
430 bar (6,236 psi)

Series 2 high-pressure variable piston pump

Efficient, reliable high-pressure performance

Eaton high-pressure variable piston pumps are optimised for the most demanding applications. With a peak pressure rating of 500 bar, the Series 2 pump is the go-to variable piston pump for all propel, work and auxiliary function needs.

Smaller size, superior value

With a competitive package and broad control offering, the Series 2 pump meets expectations of a highly accurate, efficient and reliable product in the field. Eaton's Series 2 high-pressure variable piston pump is smaller in size but offers the same product value as the Eaton Series 1 variable piston pump.

Dynamic control capabilities for dramatically improved efficiency

Eaton's Series 2 pump offers a variety of control options including:

  • Electronic proportional control
  • Manual displacement control
  • Forward-neutral-reverse control
  • Hydraulic remote control
  • Proportional solenoid control

Proven rotating group

The Series 2 pump features Eaton’s proven rotating group that’s demonstrated a strong, decades-long history of reliability.

Direct drop-in replacement

The Series 2 pump is a drop-in replacement for competitive pumps, so that you can change your pump without changing your existing machine design.

Faster pump response time

Our direct acting independent pressure override relief (IPOR) valves provide faster pump response time while allowing for different pressure settings for differing functionalities, such as forward and reverse drives.

Series 1 high-pressure variable piston pump

Reliability and durability

Known for its reliability and durability in the field, Eaton's Series 1 closed-circuit piston pump offers a price-competitive solution for your most demanding heavy-duty applications. From transit mixers to harvesters, the original Series 1 pump delivers consistent results in high-pressure applications time and time again.


  • Harvester equipment
  • Forestry equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Oil & gas machinery
  • Mining equipment
  • Paving equipment
  • Industrial equipment

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