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V series vane pumps

Designed for medium-pressure industrial applications, Eaton V Series pumps are known for their low noise, durability and efficiency.

18-314 cc (1.1-19.2 cu in)
Up to 207 bar (3,000 psi)

Industry-leading technology

Incorporating an industry-first, intra-vane cartridge design technology, Eaton V series pumps provide long operating life, outstanding volumetric efficiency and excellent serviceability.

Quietly making a difference

Eaton V series pumps are preferred by engineers for indoor applications because of their extremely quiet 12-vane system. Their pressure-balanced, modular design reduces noise, extends life and improves serviceability.

More displacement options for more applications

Get optimum selection and single-source capability for your complete range of flow and pressure requirements using our 16-flow displacements and high operating pressure capabilities.


  • Presses
  • Aerial booms
  • Primary metals
  • Industrial power units
  • Material handling machines
  • Plastic injection moulding machines

Let's work together

Whether you're designing a new system or retrofitting an existing machine, Eaton's design and engineering experts and integrator partners are available for consultation and collaboration. We offer system design, analysis, build and project management services.
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