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PowerXL DB1 cold plate variable frequency drives

At a height of merely 74 mm, the PowerXLTM DB1 falls into the smallest IEC-compatible drive class. The elimination of the heat sink delivers space savings of 40 % compared to a standard drive with active cooling. This compact device is thus ideal for integration into existing systems that lack the necessary space for heat sinks or proper ventilation. And harsh and demanding environments do not pose any problems either. Equipped with the same functionalities as the DC1 drive, the DB1 is a high-performance device that can be used in motors up to and including efficiency class IE4.  

Space requirement
40% less compared to drives with active cooling
Motor control
Up to the highest efficiency class IE4
Control signal terminals with push-in technology

Core features

  • Highly compact at a height of only 74 mm (size 1)
  • Uses existing systems for passive cooling
  • Future-proof - DB1 for all motors up to IE4
  • High overload resistance: 150 % for 60 seconds, 175 % for two seconds
  • Ambient temperatures up to 60 °C without derating
  • Integrated CANopen and Modbus RTU
  • V/f control, sensorless vector control

Space-saving installation in existing systems.

During installation, the electronics of the DB1 are connected to the existing housing material of the motors, pumps or compressors. The drive thus uses the existing system for passive cooling. A flexible and application-specific integration based on the customer’s exact needs is thus possible. Control cabinets or enclosures can be safely sealed off, as the materials they contain will conduct the heat away from the device.

Take advantage of the wide variety of functions.

The Cold Plate unit consists of a power module and a detachable control module. The control module contains several I/O interfaces, as well as ports for CANopen and Modbus-RTU communications. In addition to the COM interface (RJ45), the Modbus protocol is served by data cables that are routed via two control signal terminals. Eaton’s push-in technology makes it easy to wire the terminals and also saves time during installation. As the DB1 is fully compatible with Eaton’s external keypads, no integrated display or keypad is required.

A powerful commissioning tool.

Configuration made easy, with the drivesConnect software for PC. In addition, the tool makes it possible to directly trace the behavior of specific display values during operation, thereby enabling optimum diagnostics.

Eaton will support you with all aspects related to energy efficiency.

The ErP Directive and the ever greater degree of machine automation are boosting the demand for variable speed devices, even in simple applications. What does compliance with the ErP Directive mean for you, and how can you make your applications more energy efficient? You will find answers to these and many other questions in our comprehensive white papers and brochures, as well as in our podcast with energy-efficiency experts from Eaton.
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