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E58 Harsh Duty series sensors

Eaton's E58 Harsh Duty series sensors are among the most rugged and best-sealed photoelectric sensors. Stainless steel, PVDF and tempered glass components are mechanically assembled using Vitron seals to ensure resistance to chemicals and moisture intrusion. These sensors withstand heavy shocks and vibrations while providing unparalleled optical performance.

Sensing range:
from 50 mm to 250,000 mm
10 V DC to 50 V DC
Red light:
all models with visible red light

Core features

  • Ideal for automotive applications where exposure to lubricants, cutting fluids, coolants and glycols is common.
  • The smooth-body version is a great choice for food-processing applications to withstand high-pressure chemical wash downs, sanitisers, surfactants and cleansing agents.
  • Highly refined optics provide long sensing ranges through high levels of contamination.
  • Perfect Prox technology allows for excellent background rejection and high excess gain.
  • Visible sensing beams enable easy set-up.
  • The output status indicator is the brightest available from any sensor manufacturer, providing visibility from any angle and in any lighting condition.
  • The industry's only background rejection sensors with a 2-wire circuit design.

E58 Harsh Duty series

These photoelectric sensors were designed to withstand the harshest physical, chemical and optical environments and come in 18 and 30 mm tubular enclosures.
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