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E67 long-range perfect proximity series sensors

Eaton's E67 long-range Perfect Prox sensors are among the highest-performing long-range sensors with background rejection on the market. They are the perfect solution for the most difficult sensing applications. These sensors reliably detect targets in range regardless of variations in colour, reflectance, contrast or surface shape, while ignoring objects just slightly outside the target range.

Sensing range:
from 600 mm to 2,400 mm
User adjustments:
not required
background suppression

Core features

  • These sensors offer fixed, preset ranges with no user adjustment to prevent tampering and eliminate downtime.
  • Perfect Prox technology provides exceptional background rejection to solve intense application challenges
  • Dual indicators communicate output and power status from a clearly visible location at the top of the sensor housing.
  • The fully sealed package provides outstanding performance in difficult application environments.

E67 long range series

Will reliably detect target objects within their sensing range regardless of variations in colour, reflectance, contrast or surface shape. They simply ignore objects that are just outside their target range.

Tough-built sensor

Our E67 long-range Perfect Prox sensor was designed to solve the most difficult photoelectric sensing applications using patented optics and the Perfect Prox technology. Watch the video to learn more.

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