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EMT6 thermistor motor-protection relay

The EMT6 thermistor motor-protection relay from Eaton’s Moeller series protects equipment against overtemperatures caused by heavy starting duties, braking, undervoltages, overvoltages, and high switching frequencies. The temperature is monitored by means of a thermistor sensor located directly at the motor winding. The EMT6 is also suitable for monitoring the temperatures of motor bearings, gearboxes, oils and coolants.

Suitable for global use:
IEC/EN with UL/CSA approvals
Versions with two sensor circuits are available

Core features

  • UL/CSA and CCC approvals
  • The K version is ATEX certified

Function testing

The functionality of the relay needs to be tested on a regular basis, during both commissioning and maintenance. To make this as easy as possible, all EMT6 models feature an integrated test button that can be used to simulate an error condition.

One device instead of two

The models with two sensor circuits are able to monitor two separate temperatures, in a manner that is both cost-effective and saves time. The devices can also be used to implement early-warning systems.
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