Integrated IP Sensor - Occupancy & daylight controls
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Integrated IP Sensor - Occupancy & daylight controls

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available. 

The integrated IP sensor provides basic PIR occupancy detection and a photocell for daylight threshold switching. Lighting accounts for around 30% of a commercial building's energy consumption. 

The daylight threshold is set to hold off the lights if there is sufficient ambient illumination. If there is insufficient ambient light and occupancy is detected by the PIR, the luminaire will be switched on. This will remain on whilst occupancy is detected and then for the set time delay after no further occupancy. Reducing the lighting load through controls and daylight harvesting can have a significant effect in reducing the energy consumed and running costs. Eaton's energy efficient products and innovative technologies help to lower operating and maintenance costs, as well as reducing a building's carbon footprint.

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