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Colour Change Drivers - 24 Channel rack mount driver
19 inch rack mounted driver system - 1U
High power density model - 672W output power
Drives up to 384 LEDs across 24 independent channels
Universal mains input 110V AC - 240V AC
Dynamic power control and pulse amplitude modulation
Backlit 16 x 2 LCD display menu system
100mA to 1A LED forward current per channel in 50mA steps
8-bit control with 8-bit master channel current resolution to prove up to 4 billion colours in 3 Channels
Wide output DC voltage range (1V to 48V DC)
Intelligent rack management system for easy rack plug and play system configuration
DMX or RDM protocol support
Multiple channel bonding to create high current outputs >6A
8 individual temperature measurement sensor inputs for dynamic lighting fixture protection
Configures as 8 outputs of 3 channels or 6 outputs of 4 channels
672W solution can drive up to 1000mA per channel; either 12 channels @ 48V DC or 24 channels @ 24V DC
Linear and smooth dimming selectable on each channel
As the DC voltage demand goes down, the maximum forward current can be pushed up
Real time LED current, voltage and status monitoring
Over 81,000 internal programme scene options
DMX Master/slave options
Takes standard S pin XLR connectors
Alternatively has an RJ4S connection in the back of the driver
User Control
Stand-alone operation
Intuitive setup and operation
Multi-lingual LCD information screen
Master brightness and speed control
Smooth digital dimming
Sound activation for light and sound synchronised effects
Built-in real-time astronomical clock
TCP/IP Ethernet connectivity
Twin full DMX 512 universes
Range of plate finishes available
Fits into a standard 47mm UK back box

Technical specification

Mounting:  Standard 19” - 1U Rack System
Material:  Steel case
Weight:  5 kg
Dimensions:  Main body - 435 x 370 x 44mm
Front panel -  483 x 44mm
Input Voltage Range: 110 - 240V AC
Input Frequency:  50 - 60Hz
Consumption: 1 - 700W  
Power Factor:  0.95/230V AC, 0.99/115V AC @ full
Efficiency:  >85% at full load input
Connection:  Standard IEC mains filter
Standby Power:  <1W total
Inrush Current:  70A/115V AC, 140A/230V AC
Output Power:  1 - 48W per channel, max 672W
Output Current: 0 - 500mA @ 48V DC per channel
  0 - 1000mA @ 24V DC per channel
Voltage Range:  1 - 48V DC per channel
LED Connection: 8 Pin terminal connectors
Thermistor Connection:  Pin terminal connectors
Control Input  
Dimming control:  DMX-512A or RDM
Connection:  5 - Pin XLR
Dimming Range:  0 - 100%
DMX Address Range:  001 - 510 via Menu system
Programs:  See user manual for all pre-sets
Master / Slave Arrangement:  See user manual
Thermal Feedback Control:  Thermistor control - 4 options
Dimming Resolution:  8-bit and Master Dim PAM
Operating Ambient Temperature:  10ºC to + 50ºC
Storage Ambient Temperature:  -20ºC to + 70ºC
Case Temperature:  + 75ºC
Relative Humidity:  80%
Protection Over voltage, over temperature, overload, short circuit, open circuit, will withstand 300V AC surge input for 5 seconds
Cat No  Description
LS-CLMX-VAR-24  19” 1U 24 channel rack mount LED driver
Power Supply:  15V DC 0.3A, PSU supplied
DMX Outputs:  2 x 512 channels, fully configurable
Ethernet: 10/100 on RJ-45 socket
I/O:  Up to 3 Volt-free contact closure inputs
  Up to 3 0-10V outputs
User Interface: RGB buttons, scroll wheel
Time Functions:  RTC + Astronomical clock built-in
LCD display:  128 x 64 pixel mono graphic display, user configurable
Networking:  Web server built-in, library of telnet commands
Audio In:  Line-level beat triggering audio input.
  Note audible converter maybe required, contact technical support for details
Dimensions:  146 x 87 x 35mm. 47mm deep standard
  UK twin back-box recommended
Weight:  0.23kg
Cat No Description
LS-CS512-SS  DMX wall mount controller with stainless steel fascia
LS-CS512-W  DMX wall mount controller with white fascia
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