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Cat No  Description
LCSDPB  Momentary push button switch - on/off/dim/brighten control

Technical specification

System Operation • Luminaires to be controlled should be fitted with digital high frequency regulating control gear.
• Each luminaire requires a standard, permanent live mains power supply, plus a switched live supply and neutral reference via a momentary push button switch.
• Luminaires are switched on or off by a short push of the switch. Luminaires will switch on at their previous light level.
• Pushing and holding the switch will dim the luminaires.
Releasing and then holding again will increase the luminaire brightness. Operation will toggle between on/off or dim/brighten each time the switch is pressed or held on.
System Components • Switch - Momentary push button fitted in a white single gang switch plate.
• Luminaires - Compatible luminaires fitted with digital high frequency regulating control gear. To specify luminaires, change the ‘S’ or ‘Z’ suffix to ‘RD’. A comprehensive list of luminaires suitable for use with the Manual Dimming System can be provided by contacting our technical support and application department.
Options Emergency converted luminaires can be used with this system, specifying the appropriate luminaire to be used complete with digital high frequency regulating control gear. Contact technical support for full details on 01302 303240 or email
Specification To specify state: Dimming system providing manual on/off/dim/ brighten functionality, using digital high frequency regulating luminaires controlled by momentary push button switch, as Eaton’s Manual Dimming System, part no. ______________
System Design and Installation • Lighting design is carried out exactly as a conventional system would be, to determine the quantity of luminaires required.
• System designed for up to 10 luminaires.
• Specify the luminaires to be fitted with digital high frequency regulating control gear.
• Connect all luminaires to a permanent live mains supply. It is recommended that a suitable means of isolation is provided for routine maintenance purposes.
• An additional momentary switched live supply via a push button switch is required for on/ off /dim/ brighten control.
• The luminaire ballast also requires a common neutral connection. This can be taken from the unswitched mains supply. However, to allow flexibility and permit other controls to be connected in the future, it is recommended that an additional neutral is run alongside the switched live supply.
• On/off and dim/brighten control is manually accessed by a short press or press and hold of the push button.
• Additional control switches can be added for two way switching etc. Any additional push buttons should be connected in parallel.
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