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Part numbers

Cat No  Description  Nominal Lumens  Circuit Watts (W)  Lumen output  Luminaire Efficiency (Llm/cW)   Weights (kg)
MLGUGR66344KZ  Modulay LG 3400lm 4000K  3400 36 3350 93 2.28
MLGSUSKIT Modulay LG Suspension Kit - - - - -
MLG60SMK  Modulay LG Surface mount box - - - - 1.6
For emergency option add characters ER in from of the Cat No, example MLGUGR66344KZ becomes ERMLGUGR66344KZ
For DALI option replace characters KZ with KDD example MLGUGR66344KZ becomes MLGUGR66344KDD
For Emergency with DALI dim option the part number would be ERMLGUGR66344KDD

Technical specification

Light Engine and Control Gear Options • 4000K high output, high efficiency optimised LED panel illumination, >80CRI
• Fixed output LED driver (ENEC) as standard, DALI option available
• Emergency, 3hr duration option available
Materials • Housing back plate – steel
• Panel frame – extruded aluminium in white finish
• Panel optic – Prismatic polystyrene
Installation Notes • Suitable for exposed ‘T’ ceilings, lay-in installation
• Suitable for UGR <19 applications
• Remote driver on plug and socket (twist and lock) connection
• Mains connection is direct to the driver as standard
• The luminaire panels and driver are IP20 rated
Specification To specify state; Flat panel edge lit LED, IP20 rated, with prismatic polystyrene panel, extruded aluminium in white finish, plug and socket (twist and lock) connection mains to ENEC driver (IP20) as Eaton’s Modulay LG range, part no ______
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