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RXS3 - High quality LED downlight

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.

The RXS3 is the latest generation in the RXS family. It builds on the RXS pedigree with the continued evolution of proven technology and innovation. The RXS3 has class-leading efficiencies, aesthetics and quality, it is the intelligent choice where performance and value are key.

Offering a wide range of outputs, the RXS3 allows precision design choices to be made, delivering maximum energy benefit for the chosen space. The RXS3 provides design choices from 1000 lumens to 3000 lumens, all in complementary and matched forms.

Whether your focus is on minimising capital expenditure, payback period or through life cost savings, LED lighting solutions such as the RXS3 create a smart business investment versus traditional technology, such as HID or fluorescent.

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