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Part numbers

Description  Cat No.  Lumens (Lms) Circuit Watts (W) Luminaire Efficacy (Llm/cW) Weight (Kg) Colour Temperature (K)
RXS3 Small 1000LM 3000K  RXS3S10003KZ  1063 9.5 111.9 0.5 3000
RXS3 Small 1000LM 4000K  RXS3S10004KZ  1072 9.5 112.8 0.5 4000
RXS3 Small 1500LM 3000K  RXS3S15003KZ  1564 14.8 105.7 0.5 3000
RXS3 Small 1500LM 4000K  RXS3S15004KZ  1582 14.8 106.9 0.5 4000
RXS3 Large 1500LM 3000K  RXS3L15003KZ  1480 12.1 122.3 1.8 3000
RXS3 Large 1500LM 4000K  RXS3L15004KZ  1514 12.1 125.1 1.8 4000
RXS3 Large 2000LM 3000K  RXS3L20003KZ  2137 17.6 121.6 1.8 3000
RXS3 Large 2000LM 4000K  RXS3L20004KZ  2118 17.6 120.3 1.8 4000
RXS3 Large 3000LM 3000K  RXS3L30003KZ  3029 25.7 117.8 1.8 3000
RXS3 Large 3000LM 4000K  RXS3L30004KZ 3122 25.7 121.5 1.8 4000
RXS3 Small decorative cylinder RXS3SDC           
RXS3 Large decorative cylinder  RXS3LDC           
For emergency option add ER in front of the catalogue number. e.g. RXS3S10003KZ becomes ERXS3S10003KZ    
For DALI dimming option replace character Z with DD. e.g. RXS3S10003KZ becomes RXS3S10003DD    
For IP65 bezel option (Drop cylinder not compatible) add the characters 65 after the colour temperature e.g. RXS3S10003KZ becomes RXS3S10003K65Z

Technical specification

Light Engine and Control Gear Options • Available in 3000K, 4000K, >80 CRI
• Multi-die LED technology
• Close colour tolerance: MacAdam 3 SDCM
• DALI dimming option
Materials • Housing / heatsink - die cast aluminium, polycarbonate cable clamp
• First fix bezel - die cast aluminium, polycarbonate inserts (Large version only)
• Bezel - injection moulded polycarbonate RAL9016 finish
• IP65 bezel - injection moulded polycarbonate RAL9016 finish with clear centre lens
• Reflector - high grade satin anodised aluminium
• Drop cylinder attachment - injection moulded polycarbonate
Options • Fully integral LED emergency conversion, 3 hour duration
• Drop cylinder decorative attachment option for IP20 versions
• IP65 option available, order as complete luminaire
• CGLine+ self-test emergency versions available on special request
Installation Notes • Shallow profile to suit low ceiling voids, allow 25mm clearance above housing. Do not cover with insulation
• Allow 100mm clearance around the luminaire, with the sides free of any insulation to allow for suitable air flow
• Pre-wired driver to luminaire head minimising installation time
• Luminaire retained securely with tool-less spring clips
• Large variant has first fix bezel into which the housing twist and locks for simple installation
• RXS3 ceiling spring clips accommodate ceilings up to 30mm thickness
• Drop cylinder has simple snap fit into the IP20 trim bezel of the large and small versions - not compatible with IP65 variants
Specification To specify state: A recessed RXS LED Downlight with high performance passive thermal management . IP20/IP65 bezel in white RAL9016 finish. Correlated colour temperature is 3000/4000K with CRI >80 and LED lifetime 100,000hrs @ L80 B50. Eaton’s RXS3 range part no _________
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