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Part numbers

Description  Cat No   Lumens (Lms)  Circuit Watts (W)  Luminaire Efficacy (Llm/cW)  Weight (Kg)  Colour Temperature (K)
Solstar Disk 1000LM 3000K  SLK10003KZ  1069 11.2 95.6 0.3 3000
Solstar Disk 1000LM 4000K  SLK10004KZ  1123 11.2 100 0.3 4000
Solstar Disk 1600LM 3000K  SLK16003KZ  1594 15 106.2 0.47 3000
Solstar Disk 1600LM 4000K  SLK16004KZ  1653 15.1 109.5 0.47 4000
Solstar Disk 1900LM 3000K  SLK19003KZ  1846 18.6 99.1 0.7 3000
Solstar Disk 1900LM 4000K SLK19004KZ  2016 18.3 110.5 0.7 4000
Solstar Disk 3000LM 3000K  SLK30003KZ  2899 28.2 102.7 0.7 3000
Solstar Disk 3000LM 4000K  SLK30004KZ  3021 28.4 106.5 0.7 4000
For DALI dimming option replace character Z with DD. e.g. SLK1003KZ becomes SLK16003KDD
For emergency option add EL in front of catalogue number. e.g. - SLK16003KZ becomes ELSLK16003KZ
*Emergency option is not available for the 1000LM versions.  

Technical specification

Light Engine and Control Gear Options • High output, efficient LED array, 80CRI
• Available in: 3000K, 4000K, >80 CRI
• Energy efficient fixed output control gear as standard
• DALI Dimming option
Materials • Opal polycarbonate diffuser
• Die cast aluminium housing
• Steel spring retention clips
Options • 1000, 1600, 1900, 3000 nominal lumen options
• ø140mm x 22.5mm
• ø180mm x 24mm
• ø230mm x 24mm
• 3hr maintained emergency functionality*
Installation Notes • Shallow profile to suit low ceiling voids
• Allow 25mm clearance above housing
• Do not cover with insulation
• Allow 100mm clearance around the luminaire’s sides free of any insulation to allow for suitable air flow
• IP44 luminaire head and IP20 LED driver
• Luminaire retained securely with toolless spring clips
Specification To specify state: Recessed low profile, back lit LED Downlight with HF / DALI gear with plug and socket connection, Aluminium body and bezel, As Eaton’s Solstar Disk range, part no ________
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