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Part Numbers

Variant Lumen Output  Wattage (w)  Llm/cW
Cat No Weight (kg)  Emergency Cat No  Weight (kg)
2400 lm  2428 23.6 102.8 TALP66244KZ  4.5 ELTALP66244KZ  5.0
3400 lm  3355 33.9 98.7 TALP66344KZ  4.5 ELTALP66344KZ  5.0
4200 lm  4231 45.3 95.1 TALP66424KZ  4.5 ELTALP66424KZ  5.0
For DALI Dimming option replace character Z with DD , e.g. TALP66244KZ becomes TALP66244KDD
For Sensor option add the characters ISM, e.g. TALP66244KZ becomes ISMTALP66244KZ
Emergency versions also available with automatic test functionality, e.g. CG Line+
Llm/cW = luminaire lumens per circuit watt
Description  Cat No 

Technical specification

Light Engine and Control Gear Options • High output, high efficacy LED chip set optimised for recessed panel options
• >80 CRI 4000°K
• Energy efficient fixed output control gear as standard
• Dimming option – DALI
Materials • Body - welded, full box steel construction, powder coated in RAL9016 finish
• Panel optic – acrylic microprism and dispersal diffuser combination with 65° cut-off angle characteristics
• Panel frame – monolithic seamless steel construction, powder coated in RAL9016 finish
Options • Fully integral LED emergency conversion, 3 hour duration
• CGLine+ self-test emergency versions available, reducing maintenance costs and offering ease of compliance with testing
• We offer a range of product support contracts to aid commissioning, reduce your maintenance costs, comply with legislative test requirements and increase the lifespan of your lighting equipment
Installation Notes • Suitable for exposed ‘T’ and some “half tee” metal pan ceilings
• Suitable for UGR <19 applications
• Order side support bracket set for ‘draw up’ applications (ordered separately) TALPBK
• Rear socket and plug (included) for rapid installation
• Emergency variants are fused as standard
• May aid lighting scheme design to comply with BS EN 12464-1
Specification To specify state: Recessed back-lit LED luminaire, of full box welded construction with post coat powder paint, RAL9016 finish, for lay-in installations, with acrylic microprism and dispersal diffuser combination and high efficiency LED modules, LED emergency option with unique lens optic delivering up to 10m x 10m coverage distribution, Eaton’s Taliska range part no
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