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Part numbers

Lamp Rating  Gear Option  Cat No  Weight (kg)  Emergency Cat No  Weight (kg)
TFW - GRP body and polycarbonate diffuser, for T5 lamps (not supplied)
1 x 28W  High Frequency  TFW6128Z  2.7 EBTFW6128Z  4.1
2 x 28W  High Frequency  TFW6228Z  4.5 EBTFW6228Z  5.9
1 x 35W  High Frequency  TFW6135Z  3.6 EBTFW6135Z  5.0
2 x 35W  High Frequency  TFW6235Z  6.2 EBTFW6235Z  7.6
1 x 49W  High Frequency  TFW6149Z  3.6 EBTFW6149Z  5.0
2 x 49W  High Frequency  TFW6249Z  6.2 EBTFW6249Z  7.6
1 x 54W  High Frequency  TFW6154Z  2.7 EBTFW6154Z  4.1
2 x 54W  High Frequency  TFW6254Z  4.5 EBTFW6254Z  5.9
TFW - GRP body and polycarbonate diffuser, for T8 lamps (not supplied)
1 x 18W  High Frequency  TFW6118Z  1.8 - -
2 x 18W  High Frequency  TFW6218Z 2.1 - -
1 x 36W High Frequency  TFW6136Z  2.7 EBTFW6136Z  4.1
2 x 36W  High Frequency  TFW6236Z  4.5 EBTFW6236Z  5.9
1 x 58W  High Frequency  TFW6158Z  3.6 EBTFW6158Z  5.0
2 x 58W  High Frequency  TFW6258Z  6.2 EBTFW6258Z 7.6
1 x 70W  High Frequency  TFW6170Z  4.3 EBTFW6170Z  5.7
2 x 70W  High Frequency  TFW6270Z  7.9 EBTFW6270Z  9.3
For microwave sensor control prefix HF part number with IM, e.g. TFW6149Z becomes IMTFW6149Z
For microwave with corridor function prefix DD part number with IM eg TFW6149DD becomes IMTFW6149DD
For switching PIR sensor control prefix HF part number with D, e.g. TFW6149Z becomes DTFW6149Z
For PIR sensor with photocell function prefix RD part number with D, e.g. TFW6149RD becomes DTFW6149RD
Accessories  Cat No  Weight (kg)    
Stainless steel clip kit, 12 x steel clips  TF6SCKIT12  0.1      
Plastic clip kit, 12 x plastic clips  TF6PCKIT12 0.2      
Rear mounting bracket (pair)  TF6RMBKT2  0.5      
Through wire kit for 600mm, 18W  TF6TWKIT600  0.2      
Through wire kit for 1200mm, 28/54/36W  TF6TWKIT1200  0.4      
Through wire kit for 1500mm, 35/49/58W TF6TWKIT1500  0.5      
Through wire kit for 1800mm, 70W  TF6TWKIT1800 0.6      

Technical specification

Lamp and Control Gear Options • 18W, 36W, 58W and 70W T8 fluorescent 4000°K - G13 cap
• 28W, 35W (HE), 49W, 54W (HO) T5 fluorescent 4000°K - G5 cap
• High frequency
• DALI dimming options available
Materials • Body - glass reinforced polyester (GRP) RAL7035
• Gasket - polyurethane
• Diffuser - UV stabilised, fire retardant prismatic polycarbonate
• Clips - fire retardant polyamide (501 stainless steel accessory kits available)
• Geartray - sheet steel, white finish
Installation Notes • Ceiling fixing brackets supplied, removing the need to seal fixing holes
• 20mm cable entry knockouts at each end, supplied complete with sealing plugs
• 3/4 screw terminal block
• Through wiring kits available
• Geartray hangs on body for ease of install, locates in position with tool free clips
• Simple to use diffuser clips
• Supplied excluding lamps
• This luminaire is IP66 rated, this rating only applies when the luminaire is mounted observing the correct orientation and must not be positioned in direct sunlight.
In exterior applications it is recommended the luminaires are protected under a canopy or cover. The housing is not suitable for mounting with the base directly on a vertical surface in the horizontal orientation.
Options • Stainless steel diffuser clips, available separately
• T5 and T8 single and twin lamp versions available
• Through wiring kits available for all lengths
• Fully integral emergency conversion, 3 hour duration
• Intellem self-test emergency versions available
• Suitable for use on defined escape routes
• Microwave sensor option (‘IM’ prefix)
• PIR and photocell option available (‘D’ prefix)
• DALI option available (‘DD’ suffix)
Specification To specify state: Weatherproof luminaire, sealed to IP66, with GRP body and polycarbonate prismatic light controller, secured by hinged latches and removable geartray retained by tool free clips, as Eaton’s Tufflite TFW range, part no. ________
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