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Part numbers

Variant  Cat No  Lumen Output  Wattage (W)  Llm/ cW  Weight (kg)  Em Cat No  Weight (kg)
Small  CBHS174KZ  1856 18.00 103.1 1.3 ELCBHS174KZ  2.2
Large  CBHL234KZ  2516 24.13 104.3 1.9 ELCBHL234KZ  2.8
For DALI Dimming option replace character Z with DD, e.g. CBHS174KZ becomes CBHS174KDD
Emergency versions also available with automatic test functionality.  
For corridor function, add the suffix CO, e.g. CBHS174KDD becomes CBHS174KDDCO
Note - corridor function is only available as an option on DALI products, not on HF variants

Technical specification

Light source and Control Gear Options • LED – high output, high efficiency LED chip set optimised for maximum efficiency
• Energy efficient LED drivers - high frequency as standard
• DALI option
Materials • Body – ABS structurally strong and impact resistant
• Lens – TPa polycarbonate opal
Installation Notes • Terminal block with a 2 x 2.5mm2 cable capacity per termination
Options • Fully integrated LED emergency conversion, 3 hour duration
• Microwave sensor inbuilt option
• Corridor function control option (only available on DALI)
• Suitable for use on defined escape routes
• We offer a range of product support contracts to aid commissioning, reduce your maintenance costs, comply with legislative test requirements and increase the lifespan of your lighting equipment
Specification To specify state: Surface mounted luminaire, IP65 with polycarbonate lens and ABS construction body. White trim with 3 / 4 point closures. High efficiency LED and fully integrated emergency gear, as Eaton’s Caius range, part no. ________
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