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125A AFDD type B TPN distribution board

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  • 14, 24 and 36 AFDD outgoing ways 
  • 125 A Switch Disconnector Incomer for general commercial building applications
  • Fully type tested with a conditional short circuit rating of 10kA to BS EN 61439
  • 2 x 80A EVG busbars which accommodate incomer and AFDD feeders
  • Associated devices are high performance AFDDs to IEC/EN-62606, developed for commercial and industrial applications, trip rated at 10kA up to 25A and  trip rated a 6kA for 32 and 40A
  • A wide range of accessories including optional internal SPD, multi board separation kits and alignment spacer, full profile blanking modules for unused AFDD ways and door locking options.
  • A choice of metering solutions are available as standard, providing clear electrical consumption information as well as a permanent capability of visualising information on a variety of other electrical parameters

Arc Fault Detection Device with RCBO function (AFDD+)

  • Enhanced fire protection, reduces the risk of electrically ignited fires and protects people, property and assets
  • All-in-one device protects you against:
    Arc faults (AFDD)
    + Short circuits and overcurrents (MCB) 
    + Earth fault currents (RCCB)
  • Tripping indicators show device status and tripping reason: saves time when tracing faults 
  • Easy to install technology for new builds and retrofit
  • Sensitive digital detection on fault currents, combined with avoidance of nuisance tripping

Expert's view of advanced electrical protection

Eaton AFDD+ not only detects arc faults, but also incorporates leakage current, short-circuit and overload protection, to provide all-in-one protection for new-build or retrofit applications.

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