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Memshield 3 MCCB Panelboards

A complete range of MCCB panelboards and pan assemblies providing all the options you need from a straightforward panelboard to a comprehensive panelboard system. The range offers a variety of incoming devices and a greater choice of outgoing ways to provide more flexibility and choice to the user. In addition, special metering and surge arresting accessories are available for the range to complete the portfolio.

(250 A, 400 A, 630 A, 800 A)
(160 A, 250 A, 400 A)

Core features

  • Panelboards acc. to BS EN 61439-2
  • Available in 250 A, 400 A, 630 A & 800 A busbar ratings
  • Enhanced safety through fully shrouded incoming devices, to protect against contact with live parts
  • Internal form of separation Form 3b Type 2
  • Tin–plated busbar systems throughout the range
  • Busbar system DEKRA certified from Icw 25 kA / 1 s up to 50 kA / 1 s (based on incomer rating)
  • Enclosure degree of protection IP3X (wall-mounted)
  • Removable side / top-bottom gland plates incl. cross rails providing the ability to lay cables into the board instead of feeding them through the gland plate aperture
  • MCCBs acc. to IEC 60947-2
  • Switch disconnectors acc. to IEC 60947-3


Bigger and faster!

Eaton's Memshield 3 MCCB panelboard complements the already extensive Memshield 3 Distribution Board range.

Lightning & Surge suppresion

Transient voltage surge suppression unit

Eaton has a combined lightning current and surge arrester, as well as an individual surge arrester to provide a coordinated solution for lightning protection and surge suppression fully compliant to BS EN 62305. This range of coordinated enclosed kits provides peace of mind that all equipment has comprehensive transient overvoltage protection caused by lightning strokes and switching in low voltage systems.

MCCB Pan Assemblies               

Various MCCB pan assemblies for retro-fit or spare part delivery

Eaton’s MCCB pan assemblies offer a high degree of flexibility, suitable for inclusion in other factory built assemblies and as replacements for panelboard interiors.

Plug-in Metering                   

Plug-in metering device
Eaton has made it easy to incorporate metering with a plug-in cabling system that provides faster and error proof installation. Both incoming and outgoing metering options are available for Memshield 3 panelboards to ensure Part L2 Building Regulations Compliance. The risk of errors is eliminated and a meter can be easily wired in less than 15 minutes.

Memshield 3 MCCB Panelboard range is a versatile solution to accommodate different frame size outgoing MCCBs to best match application needs.

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