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Temperature calculator

Calculate both the heat and power dissipation of your configured switchgear and easily generate the design verification for temperature rise in accordance to IEC / EN 61439. 

Download the temperature calculator

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Generate a design verification for temperature rise within minutes

The Eaton temperature calculator is integrated with our xEnergy configurator. Start by simply uploading the bill of materials into the calculator. Alternatively, you can upload your own bill of materials.

The software calculates the power loss of all circuits including the internal conductors based on the rated currents of the main circuits. The temperature rise in the switchgear is then calculated based on the total power loss with the total load current limited to the rated current of the assembly. The power loss of conductors is also calculated. 

All the calculations are made in accordance with IEC / EN 61439.


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Seamlessly integrated with our xEnergy configurator

Our free xEnergy configurator allows you to price and design your Eaton switchgear within minutes. The software is optimised for project management and uses an easy drag-and-drop functionality. Generate a bill of materials for your project that can be directly uploaded into the temperature calculator.
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