Electrical system studies

Professional consultancy and engineering services for complex electrical networks.

An electrical system often evolves over time, particularly with extensions and the relocation of on-site facilities. The electricity utilities network may change, which may have an impact on end-user facilities. The industry’s safe working practices for operating personnel have evolved over time, and now more than ever clients need to ensure that both their capital assets and people are optimally protected.

Protecting what matters most

Eaton’s portfolio of power system engineering services is designed to help your system operate more reliably, efficiently and safely. With wide-ranging industry expertise, Eaton’s Engineering Service team provides complete arc-flash reports for highly complex networks and systems diverse in age, design and equipment.

Our team of skilled engineers is able to support you with vendor-independent consultancy services involving the following:

  • LV, MV and LV/MV installations
  • Any third-party equipment
  • DC arc-flash hazards

Core features

  • Short-circuit, coordination, & arc flash
  • Arc flash (AC & DC) – client training
  • Load flow & power factor correction
  • Motor starting analysis
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Switching transient analysis (snubbers)
  • Power quality & grounding surveys
  • Power engineering consulting
  • Enhanced substation modelling