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Ulusoy oil-immersed transformer

Eaton Ulusoy oil-immersed type transformers are manufactured and tested in accordance with the IEC 60076 standard and can be further customised upon request. The standard power range is 25 kVA to 5 MVA with a maximum voltage level of 36 kV. Requests greater than 5 MVA will be evaluated on a project basis.

Rated power
up to 5 MVA
Rated voltage
up to 36 kV
Winding material
Aluminium or copper

Core features

  • Manufactured in accordance with EN, IEC, IEEE, CENELEC EN, BS EN 60076-7, BS EN 50588-1
  • Tested in accordance with IEC 60076
  • Further customisation possible
  • Different fluid options available:
    • Mineral Oil
    • Natural Ester (Midel EN or FR3)
    • Synthetic Ester (Midel 7131)

Look inside one of our transformer factories

At our factory, we produce a wide range of oil-immersed transformers to meet all customer requirements: distribution transformers, solar power plant transformers, wind turbine transformers, earthing transformers, dual-voltage transformers, rectifier transformers, starting transformers, autotransformers, shunt reactors, serial reactors that limit short circuit currents and multi-winding transformers. We make what matters work.

Thorough testing to ensure safe and reliable transformers

When it comes to delivering utility-grade power, proven reliability and safety are paramount. That's why Eaton tests every transformer rigorously before delivering it to the customer. Aside from routine tests, we also offer type tests and specialised tests to meet all customer requirements. We make what matters work for our customers in a safe and reliable way.

Routine tests

  • Measurement of winding resistance
  • Measurement of voltage ratio and phase displacement check
  • Measurement of short-circuit impedance and load loss
  • Measurement of idle loss and current
  • Applied voltage test (AC)
  • Induced voltage withstand test (IVW)
  • Measurement of DC insulation resistance in each winding to earth and between windings
  • Leak testing with pressure for liquid immersed transformers (tightness test)
  • Core and frame insulation check

Type tests

  • Temperature rise test
  • Lightning impulse test (LI)
  • Determination of noise levels
  • Measurement of idle loss and current at 90 % and 110 % of rated voltage
  • Tank endurance and leakage test


Additional tests

  • Measuring zero-sequence impedance
  • Determination of capacitances windings-to-earth and between windings
  • Measurement of the dissipation factor (tan δ) of the insulation system capacitances


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