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8400 - Stand alone communicator

Stand alone communicators provide any intruder alarm panel or other equipment the ability to send outgoing transmissions to an alarm receiving center (ARC) for professional alarm monitoring.

Stand alone 8400 security communicator
Max telephone numbers
BABT Approved
Reprogrammable NVN chip

Standalone solution

Designed to be a standalone solution allowing alarm transmissions to be communicated from a variety of different systems such as fire, intruder or panic alarm systems. For compatibility with any fire alarm panel, choose Eaton's 24V variant - specifically designed for with fire alarm panels in mind.

Easy connectivity to Alarm Receiving Centres

Connectivity over the phone line (PSTN), using the Fast Format messaging protocols.

Choosing the right stand alone intruder alarm communicator

08400UK-21 - 12v PSTN Stand alone communicator for ARC compatible with any alarm panel
08400UK-21-24 - 24v PSTN Stand alone communicator for ARC compatible with fire panels
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