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Assistance required social care/panic alarms

The 701 and 702 wearable devices are designed to be used as an “assistance required” trigger for social care alarms. When pressed, a transmit LED flashes six times to confirm activation. The devices are powered by non-replaceable lithium battery technology, which is designed to give three years of life (assuming two activations per day).

The DET-RARB is a wall-mounted radio device, which signals the request for local assistance in doctor’s surgeries, shops, schools workshops, cash offices and many other applications

Intruder alarm system assistance required range

Help at the touch of a button

Radio Assistance Required Button (RARB) signals the request for local assistance through the use of just a single button. Designed to be either wall or desk mounted.

Range options

The 701 is available in two variants: the 701rEUR-50 long range pendent can work over 300 meters, the 701rEUR-60 has a shorter transmission range of 150 meters.

Wrist, neck, pocket or clip

The 702 can be worn on a strap round the wrist, round the neck on a pendant, or clipped to a pocket.
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