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Eaton SecureConnect™ 4G Cloud Communicator

The 4G Cloud Communicator is a plug-on module that allows a control unit to access the Eaton SecureConnect™ service over the internet using 4G and 2G mobile phone networks.

It enables access to our Installer cloud portal and end-user app without the need for the customer to have existing internet access in the premises.

In addition to having the fastest mobile data communication we have ever provided it also offers backup connection through the 2G network providing further redundancy all from one simple plug-on device. 

Always connected - ethernet, 2G or 4G

Use the 4G Cloud Communicator to maintain a consistent connectivity to Eaton SecureConnect™. Configure the unit as a back-up to a wired Ethernet connection, no need to worry about power cuts or poor broadband connections. When active, it will always seek out the best possible mobile signal, by automatically switching between both 4G and 2G technology.

No cable? No problem with independent connectivity

No need to connect to a router, the 4G Cloud Communicator can provide full connectivity to Eaton SecureConnect™ without the need for a cabled connection. Ideal for temporary installations or premises without an internet connection such as rural areas.

Class-leading cyber protection against digital threats

Tested by Eaton’s Cyber-Security Centre of Excellence, the communicator is designed with security in its DNA, using class-leading protection against digital threats.

Smart security in everyday applications

Underpinned by a market-leading level of encryption to protect against cyber-attacks, the i-on Compact and other Eaton SecureConnect™ enabled products allow installers to offer their customers the greater control and convenience of cloud-based security with the reassurance of enhanced resilience. 

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End-User App

Eaton's SecureConnect™ End-User App is a smart security management system that keeps people and property connected 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Users are notified of alarm activity by notifications straight to their smart device, have the ability to set or unset their system remotely and receive visual verification of events instantly.

Installer Cloud

Eaton's installation management portal for residential and commercial buildings enables remote monitoring, diagnostics and servicing of connected panels saving installers time and money.

Rather than having to visit a site to investigate a fault it can be identified remotely in a matter of seconds. Tested by Eaton's Cyber Security Centre of Excellence all data transmitted through the Cloud is fully encrypted.

SecureConnect™ enabled panels and devices

Eaton SecureConnect™ Installer Cloud is compatible with Eaton's i-on Generation 2 panels and comes at no extra cost. Meaning no matter the scale of the installation the Installer Cloud is always available. Eaton recommends to get the most out of SecureConnect™ to include cameras to unlock the full benefit of visual verification and push notifications.
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