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Product Codes

EXP-R10 10 zone radio expander  
EXP-R30 30 zone radio expander  
EXP-W10 10 zone wired expander, full 4 wired CC support  
EXP-PSU 10 zone intelligent powered expander  

Technical Specifications - EXPR-10 & EXPR-30

Piezo sounder: A built-in piezo sounder responds to the locate a bus device feature.
Compliance: EN50131, PD6662:2017, Grade 2
Power consumption: 40ma
Dimensions H x W x D (mm): 230 x 144 x 4

Technical Specifcations - EXP-W10 & EXP-PSU

PD66620:2010 Grade: Grade 3
Environmental Class: Class 2
Dimensions H x W x D (mm): EXP-PSU: 427 x 400 x 101
EXP-W10: 230 x 144 x 44
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