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Outdoor intruder alarm siren (wireless, wired or decoy)

External sounders act as front-line deterrents against the threat of intrusion whether located on a semi-detached house or large warehouse.

The 100 dB sound output alerts both the occupier and any neighbours to alarm activity at the property. Eaton provides a range of external sounders with options including radio, wired and decoy.

There is a common enclosure for the entire range: impact resistant polycarbonate construction and is available in a choice of 3 colours; blue, amber and red.

Outdoor intruder alarm siren (wireless, wired or decoy)
Sound Output
100 dB at 1 meter
Decoy, wired and wireless

Designed with installation in mind

Self-supporting lid, revolving fixing holes and inbuilt spirit level minimise the time spent at the top of a ladder, and Installer maintenance mode prevents the sounder and strobe from activating when the lid is opened to reduce the risk of falling.

Easily tailored to the site

Eaton’s external sounders have a selectable cut-off timer up to a maximum of 20 minutes in line with UK legislation and choice of siren tones. Different siren tones make it much easier to instantly recognise where the system has been tampered with on large sites.

Tamper detection

The SDR range has both lid and rear tamper detection built-in ensuring maximum security. Any attempt to disrupt the system will result in the alarm being triggered and the occupiers being alerted to the threat of sabotage.

Add your logo

A printing service for installer logos is available free of charge* to collect from your local distribution branch 12 working days after approval of your artwork, provided that a minimum order quantity of 40 is met.

Should I choose a Grade 2 or Grade 3 system?

A Grade two installation is defined as one where intruders have limited knowledge of alarm systems and some tools, the system is suitable for low or medium risk properties. For grade 3 installations intruders are anticipated to have knowledge of intruder systems and a full range of tools, these systems are used for medium to high-risk properties. Both grades are available in the external sounder range. Please note that radio systems are not possible at grade 3.
*Note a small charge may be applied to logos with more than three colours.

How to easily learn an outdoor siren onto an Eaton intruder alarm system

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