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Outdoor intruder alarm motion sensors

An outdoor motion detector for perimeter monitoring, ideal to trigger alarm and video monitoring systems.

Compatible with any version of i-on control panel, however the “Perimeter” zone type  is only available in i-on generation 2 software version 5 or above.

Ingress protection
Battery life
2 years
Connection type

Precise, accurate and flexible

Eaton's external dual technology PIR utilises two independent detectors, both of which must be triggered to cause the detector to signal an alarm leading to an ultra-low false alarm rate. It's detection is also adjustable from 10 to 30 meters, and has coverage angles from 10 to 70 degrees making it flexible to the outside space it's monitoring.

Class leading Scantronic wireless and Politec infra-red technology

Developed in collaboration, Eaton's range of IR barriers brings together renowned Scantronic wireless radio technology and Italian manufacture Politec's history of infrared barrier expertise in one reliable product.

Tailored installation made simple

The IR barriers are designed to fit all property entry points including windows, doors, garages and gates with 20m and 50m detection ranges available. It's simple, wireless design utilises a two devices (a transmitter and a receiver) that form an invisible barrier that once broken signals an alarm. Due to this installation, to site personalization and setup is made easy.

Choosing the right external motion detector

DET-REXT-IR - IR radio motion barrier
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Suited to access points (perimeter fences, windows, doors)
  • Tailored to the site/project
DET-REXT-PIR30 - Dual tech PIR and microwave
  • Precise and reliable detection providing reduced false alarms
  • Suited to a wider range of location, particularly larger areas (up to 30x24m coverage)
  • 10 to 70-degree detection angle
  • Creep monitor detects activity immediately below the unit
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