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Hold up devices (HUDs) /panic alarm buttons

Hopefully, your staff will never need to find out why our personal attack transmitters are so highly regarded. But should they ever feel threatened, they’ll quickly realise why over 750,000 people worldwide trust them with their lives. The 705, 710 and 726 models all come with 10mW transmitting power compared to the usual 0.25mW.

And, to ensure your transmitter is always working, the long-life lithium battery sends a signal when less than one month’s operation remains.

All models are designed to prevent accidental activation and a variety of wearing options – hand-held, neck pendant or clip-on – means there’s a style to suit everyone. The range of transmitters has a double push radio channel for HUA. 

Dual button
Extended & standard


You can be confident in your Hold Up Alarm in any environment as it uses a reliable Scantronic 868 MHz narrow-band radio operation.

Variety of options

Eaton's Hold Up Alarms have a variety of wearing options including neck pendant, handheld and watch strap.

Choosing the right hold up device


The 705 has a double push lock and can be belt mounted. In addition, it gives you the flexibility of a secondary programmable channel.


The 726 is a long range single channel radio HUA device with a belt clip


The 706 has a double push lock and can be belt mounted. It also has a built-in tilt sensor for “man down”.


The 710 is a single channel HUA radio device with belt/pendant mounting options and replaceable battery with extended radio range.

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