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i-on160EX - Hybrid commercial intruder panel

The i-on160EX alarm panel has ten zones on board with a total hybrid zone capacity of 160 zones at EN50131 Grade 2 or 3 and is ideal for medium and large installations.

The control panel is the second largest in the i-on range. Capable of managing 500 users, each able to use a PIN, proximity tag and key fob to set the system. The panel will also accept an additional Hold Up Device per user.

With its built-in web server, this panel is readily configured via a web browser which can also be used to program the fully customisable programmable outputs. In addition, the web server provides a more flexible management interface via mainstream web browsers.

EN50131 Grade 2, 3 and INCERT
10 FSL zones expandable to 160
Up to 500

Simple to service

Audible bus locating - locate any bus device quickly and easily. Reducing the time taken to complete maintenance and service calls.

Access and control to multiple users

The system will accept up to 500 users each with a four or 6 digit access code. There is also the option for each to add a proximity tag, radio remote control and radio panic button. All bases are covered with the i-on160EX.

Technology you can rely on

Quality, reliability and resilience are designed into Eaton’s Scantronic products at the outset. With thousands of panels already installed in a variety of environments be confident in your panel wherever the job.

What are grade 2 or 3 security systems?

For grade 2 installations intruders are anticipated to have limited knowledge of alarm systems and some tools, the system is suitable for low or medium risk properties. For grade 3 installations intruders are anticipated to have knowledge of intruder systems and a full range of tools, these systems are used for medium to high-risk properties. The i-on160EX is configurable to either grade 2 or grade 3 to meet the requirements of the building.

WebBrowser configuration

Eaton’s web-based configuration allows the installer to configure the i-on160EX from anywhere on the local network using any web-enabled device. This considerably speeds up the programming and allows the profile to be easily backed up.
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