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i-on30EX - Hybrid intruder alarm panel

The i-on30EX burglar alarm panel is ideal for smaller Grade 2 installations such as small to medium-sized buildings. 

The i-on30EX panel has 10 FSL (Fully Supervised Loops) zones, expandable up to 30, providing a reliable and constant communication between panel and devices. Feature packed to deliver you real benefits all i-on30EX panels include a performance bus, decimal expansion and audible bus device locating.

The system can accommodate 50 users, each able to use a PIN, prox tag and key fob to set the system. The panel will also accept an additional hold up device (HUD) per user.

i-on30EX Intruder panel with keypad
Third party certification
Grade 2 EN50131
10 FSL Zones expandable to 30
Bus Devices
Accepts up to 10 bus devices

Effortless zone identification

Decimal expansion increases the available zones by 25% (compared to normal 8 zone expansion). Zone identification on expanders is now considerably easier and installers can immediately identify which zone a particular device is on.

Simple to service

Audible bus device locating allows installers to locate any bus device quickly and easily. Reducing the time taken to complete maintenance and service calls.
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