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40 zone wired and wireless zone control panel, expands up to 80 zones using wired & wirelss expanders, Grade 2, Eaton secureconnect enabled, built in Ethernet

Technical Specifications

Compliance: EN50131-1:2006 + A1:2009 Grade 2 and environmental class II, EN50131-3:2009, EN50131-6:2008, BS8243:2010, PD6662:2017
Zones: 30 Radio and 10 wired on board, expandable to 80, all fully programmable
Partitions: 4 independent partitions each with a part set or full set and three-part sets
Users: 50 user codes, 4 digit PIN number, proximity, remote control or radio panic button
Wired keypads:  The ability to add up to four wired keypads 
Event log:  1000 events; 750 mandatory events and 250 non-mandatory
Outputs:  One programmable relay outputs One 500mA open collector programmable outputs 12 low-current outputs for plug-by communicators 10 radio outputs
Bus Devices:  Accepts up to 20 bus devices (keypads, expanders and power supplies)                                             
Internal Sounder: One independently controlled 16 Ω speaker 4 internal radio sounders
External Sirens: Dedicated Siren and Strobe open collector outputs 4 External Radio Sirens
Remote Communications: SIA IP via built-in Ethernet port Email and images via built-in Ethernet port Footprint for connection of a range of alarm communications modules as described below
Visual Verification: Up to 4 IP cameras
Power Supply: Conforms to EN50131-6:2008 Type A power supply, rated power output 1.0A. 650mA is available for auxiliary power
Configurations Options: Eaton Downloader via USB, IP or plug-on comms module, web browser via built-in Ethernet port
Battery: Accepts a 12v standby battery up to 7Ah rechargeable lead acid, gel type
Dimensions: End station: 384 x 245 x 94mm
Weight: End station: 2.2kg
Temperature Range:  Environmental class II. Tested -10°C to 55°C @ 93% RH
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