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Security & intruder alarm systems
i-onG3MM - Expandable 200 zone control panel
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i-onG3MM - Expandable 200 zone control panel

The i-onG3MM is a Grade 2 or Grade 3, 10 zone intruder alarm panel designed for mid-sized installations such as office blocks or warehouses. 

Expandable up to 200 zones, it features fully supervised zones (FSL), a performance bus with audible device location and decimal expansion all ensure simple servicing.

SecureConnect™ enabled out of the box, the i-onG3MM offers smart security management and straightforward configuration using a web browser at no extra cost. It is also compatible with Eaton's full range of radio peripherals and plug on communicators.

10 FSL zones expandable to 200
EN50131 Grade 2, 3 and INCERT
Up to 200

Effortless zone identification

Decimal expansion increases the available zones by 25% (compared to normal 8 zone expansion). Zone identification on expanders is now considerably easier and installers can immediately identify which zone a particular device is on.

Flexible access and control to multiple users

The system can accommodate 200 users, each able to use a pin, prox tag and key fob to set up the system. The panel will also accept an additional hold up device (HUD) per user. Providing a simple use system as well the ability of all users to connect a HUD to ensure all system users remain safe.

Installation made simpler

The powerful Flexibus feature enables addressing regardless of bus connection and multi-bus flexibility. This makes for easier wiring to suit the premises and existing systems, rather than device numbers, bringing down cable costs.

Technology you can rely on

Quality, reliability and resilience are designed into Eaton’s Scantronic products at the outset. With thousands of panels already installed in a variety of environments be confident in your panel wherever the job.

Be connected to what matters most

Built with cybersecurity in its DNA, SecureConnect™ is a smart intruder solution that keeps installers and their customers protected.

The smart security management system for residential and commercial buildings enables remote monitoring of the latest IP intruder alarm devices via a user-friendly interface. It delivers the control and convenience of smart security, reinforced by class-leading protection against digital threats.

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End-User App

Eaton's SecureConnect™ End-User App is a smart security management system that keeps people and property connected 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Users are notified of alarm activity by notifications straight to their smart device, have the ability to set or unset their system remotely and receive visual verification of events instantly.

Installer Cloud

Eaton's installation management portal for residential and commercial buildings enables remote monitoring, diagnostics and servicing of connected panels saving installers time and money.

Rather than having to visit a site to investigate a fault it can be identified remotely in a matter of seconds. Tested by Eaton's Cyber Security Centre of Excellence all data transmitted through the Cloud is fully encrypted.

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