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Installation accessories for intruder alarm systems

Eaton's range of installation accessories range comprises three add-ons (surveying tool, portable keypad and pack of 5 accessory shelves) designed to make your installations as quick and simple as possible.

The DET-RSURV01 surveying tool is perfect for measuring the wireless radio signal based on a site or building for optimal installation and to avoid any dark spots.

Lightweight and portable the KEY-ENG intruder alarm keypad is an installers best mate. Supplied with a protective case and belt clip it makes installation and configuration of systems straightforward so you can complete more jobs in the same amount of time.

Ensuring a tidy and easy installation, the accessory shelf (supplied in a pack of 5) makes installing third-party equipment in Eaton's security systems hassle-free.

Plan ahead and master radio

The DET-RSURV01 surveying tool enables installers to understand the intricacies of a building/site and how it will impact the radio signal of wireless products before the installation. Helping installers to identify the optimum location for radio devices and avoid any unsuitable locations.

An installers best mate at easy reach

The KEY-ENG is a portable, lightweight i-on security keypad that makes the installation and configuration of systems much simpler. When installing a system you need everything to hand, particularly when in awkward areas of a building. Due to this, the KEY-ENG is supplied with a protective case and belt clip providing quick and easy access.

Simple integration of third-party equipment

Our MISC-SHFPK5 is a simple dividing shelf that enables the secure installation of third-party equipment, especially communicators, inside Eaton's medium and large metal end stations. Saving time and making installation easier.
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