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Indoor intruder motion detectors and sensors

Motion sensors are designed for indoor use and can be mounted flat against a wall or in a corner of a room. The Passive Infrared (PIR) movement sensor can detect movement of body heat within a fan-shaped area up to 12 meters in radius. Pet-tolerant versions are available.

Combining PIR with K-band microwave technology, Dual Technology detectors are recommended for areas with fluctuating temperatures such as in warehouses, sheds or garages. As well as in areas at risk of being struck by direct sunlight such as in conservatories; and in rooms with repetitive movements, such as from ceiling fans.

Indoor intruder motion detectors and sensors
Fully Supervised Loop
Selectable FSL resistance values
Walk test input to enable LEDs

Pet friendly

Pet-tolerant motion sensors ignore movement low to the ground, and are available by selecting the option with a “PT” on the end. Suitable for animals up to 25kg.

Rated for grade 2 intrusion

Approved to grade 2, our dual technology detectors are designed to keep out intruders with some knowledge of the system, a general set of tools and some specialist equipment.

Single housing design

For a clean aesthetic look and feel throughout a property, our range of motion detectors all have the same consistent, compact design.

Ultra low false alarm rate

By combining passive infra-red and K-band microwave detectors Eaton's range of dual technology detectors makes false alarms a rare occurrence.

Choosing the right indoor motion detector

XCEL series

  • Passive infra-red (PIR) detection
  • 9m detection coverage
  • 3-year battery life from 2x AA
  • Available in pet tolerant, wired and wireless options

Dual Technology range

  • Ultra low false alarm rate - Passive infra-red (PIR) and K-band 24GHz microwave detection
  • Grade 2 certified
  • 12m adjustable detection coverage
  • 2-year battery life from 3x AA
  • Selectable FSL resistance values
  • Available in pet tolerant, wired and wireless options
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