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Keyfobs for intruder alarm systems

The two-way keyfob (FOB-2W-4B) and one-way keyfob (i-FB01) both enable the user to remotely unset/set systems.

Both are designed to fit comfortably in your pocket or on a key ring and are compatible with Eaton's full range of security control panels with radio capability.

In addition, both keyfobs have programmable buttons enabling devices to be controlled locally; such as garage doors that can be opened and lights switched on.

i-FB01 - One-way security keyfob

The i-FB01 one way keyfob has a long-life lithium replaceable battery, is configurable to set/unset system, and can be learnt so each user can have one without reducing the number of detection zones available.

FOB-2W-4B - Two-way security keyfob

In addition to i-FB01 features, the FOB-2W-4B can also provide feedback on system status, provide confirmation that the system has been set upon exit and is third-party certified by INCERT.

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