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Smoke detector range for use with intruder systems

Eaton's smoke detector sensors are designed to work in a variety of conditions and protect against a range of fire threats. They are compatible with most Eaton intruder alarm panels.

The DET-RSMOKE is an optical radio detector which has its own built-in sounder. The M12 incorporates both optical and heat detection technology.

DET-RSMOKE - Optical smoke detector

The DET-RSMOKE is an optical radio smoke with a built-in sounder. In addition, it can be programmed to trigger control panel sounders. It is compatible across Eaton's range of Scantronic i-on systems.

M12 - Optical and heat smoke detector

The M12 is a wired four-in-one fire detector suitable for almost all conditions including rapid rises in temperature, slow burning and smouldering fires. The detector incorporates optical and heat detection technology as well as recognised and compensating for a gradual build-up of dust.
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