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Surface mounted keypad range for intruder alarm systems

Burglar alarm keypads are the interface for system users to operate intruder alarm system providing the ability to set and unset the system through an access code or proximity tag and making users aware of any faults on the system. Usually located close to the entrance to a building they are also used by installers during the setup and maintenance of a system. 

Eaton's range of keypads offer solutions to any installation big or small, simple or complicated, and wired or wireless. All of Eaton's keypads have blind assist built-in and can act as personal attack transmitters. Read more about the range below.

Setup as easy as ABCD

The A,B,C,D setting keys with built-in status LEDs allow an engineer to configure the keys to set individual partitions, part-sets or to control outputs.

Peace of mind in a hurry

During the everyday rush of modern life, property owners can rest assured that their system is set protecting their property throughout the day with the option for proximity tags. Saving property owners time and hassle without comprising on security.


From bungalows to penthouses, Eaton's range of keypads are available in a variety of finishes to suit any environment. Wired and wireless options mean they can fulfil the needs of any installation.

Choose the right surface mounted intruder keypad

KEY-RKPZ - Wireless keypad

  • Wireless connection to the panel
  • 300M wireless range in free space
  • 15 months typical battery life
  • Built-in proximity tag detector and panic button

KEY-K Series - Wired keypad

  • KEY-K01: Wired Keypad - set, unset, view the log, and change user codes, set time & date, built-in proximity tag detector and panic button
  • KEY-KP01: As KEY-K01, with built-in proximity tag reader
  • KEY-KPZ01: As KEY-K01, with built-in proximity tag reader and two FSL zones for connection of wired detectors

  KEY-RAS - Wireless keypad for non-bus panels

  • Four LEDs show the setting status of partitions
    or levels
  • “A, B, C, D and Unset” keys provide quick setting and
    unsetting of the system
  • A built in proximity tag detector
  • Built in panic button enabled in programming
  • Option of two-way mode, which works with
    SecureConnect enabled panels to provide audible
    feedback on setting and unsetting
  • One-way mode for use with older i-on panels and
    expandable panels. This provides an arming station to
    set or unset
  • Option of battery or external 12V power supply

i-KP01 - Wired keypad

  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Built-in proximity tag detector and panic button

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