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Telemetry receivers

Eaton's range of highly flexible receivers can be used as a stand-alone unit or linked to other systems to provide radio integration.

Applications include signalling the opening or closing of doors or windows remotely, switching of connected devices such as lights, doors and machines. Includes two relay outputs that can be connected to many building management systems (BMS) to indicate alarm sensor activation.

Telemetry receivers
Alarm outputs
2 relay outputs
Radio frequency
868.6625 mHz
4 per channel


Whether you need it to monitor lights, doors, pumps, machines, plant or farm machinery or other equipment, you'll find our 868 Mhz narrow-band ensures secure, reliable operation.

Optional aerials available for even greater wireless coverage

To further increase the radio range in environments such as airfields, farms or large warehouses, aerials are available for both the 762 and 768.


You can be confident in your telemetry receiver in any environment as it uses reliable Scantronic 868Mhz narrow-band radio operation.

Choose your receiver


The 762EUR-00 is a two channel receiver.

768EUR-50 & 769EU-50

The 768EUR-50 has 8 channel radio channels on board and is expandable to 32 channels with up to three of the 769 expanders.
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