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Flood sensor water detector

The fully supervised wireless radio water detector, the DET-RWATER, will send a warning to the control panel when identifying the presence of liquid at a chosen location. Its wireless capability means you can be flexible in every environment including basements or adjacent to washing machines.

It can be programmed to set a warning on detecting water or on becoming dry.

Battery life
Up to 3 years
Transmitter Dimensions (L X W X D)
90 x 35 x 30mm
Receiver Dimensions (L X W X D)
45 x 10 x 15mm

Early detection - reduced damage and cost

Every year an estimated 9.7 billion litres of water are lost through domestic water leaks from pipes, washing machines, toilets, showers, baths, taps, radiators and dishwashers. Early detection is vital in order to prevent costly and, in some cases irreparable damage.


A combination of radio functionality and a 1m cable to the detection head means true flexibility for most interior environments from basements or adjacent to washing
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