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SIHA Combi Acid Granulated

SIHA Combi Acid Granulated acidifier is a combination of different acids and is used to adjust the pH value in fruit mash. The result is pure toned distillate even from mash with an extremely low acid content. It suppresses the proliferation of undesirable microorganisms such as ethanoic, lactic, and butyric acid bacteria.

By using stabilization products, the beverages are microbiologically and chemically/physically stabilized and their shelf life is increased.

combination of different acids
to adjust the pH value in fruit mash
max. 150 - 300 g /hl

Core features

  • Pure tone fermentation via suppression of proliferation of undesirable microorganisms
  • Cultivates the inherent taste and aroma elements in the fruit
  • Optimal pH adjustment in mash with an extremely low acid content
  • Cost effective due to small requirement quantities
  • Pure tone fermentation
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