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Custom manifolds

Avoid complex or costly solutions for simple applications with Eaton custom manifolds. Choose from pre-engineered packages specifically tailored for use in a wide variety of applications or opt for highly-engineered custom solutions.

What you get
Custom solutions from hydraulic experts, with pre-engineered, flexible packages, fast delivery and low cost

Find a custom manifold to meet your needs.

Select from the following types of pre-engineered packages:
  • Single and multiple pump control packages
  • Solenoid actuated relief valve packages
  • Flow control packages
  • Cross-port relief packages
  • Cross-port relief with shuttle and solenoid vent
Custom manifold
  • Pressure-sensitive regeneration packages with and without load-locking
  • Motor-mounted counterbalance valve
  • Motor-mounted PO check valves
  • Motor-mounted relief valves

Custom manifolds for stationary and off-highway applications

Use Eaton custom manifolds in a wide variety of stationary and on/off highway applications. Designed to solve a multitude of repeatable, generic application requirements encountered in day-to-day hydraulic circuits, these packages are ideal for special machines and low-volume options on high-volume applications.

Fast delivery and low cost

Our pre-engineered custom manifold packages avoid scheduling issues, time-related problems and engineering charges.

Hands-on help from an engineer

Sometimes it’s just easier to talk to somebody in person. Get in-person technical support for your next custom manifold design project from local application engineers.
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