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Directional control valves

Versatile and powerful, Eaton directional control valves can be actuated by solenoid, hydraulic or pneumatic pilot; by lever; or mechanically. Eaton DG valves feature three- or four-way directional control and are easily mountable on industry-standard surfaces. With thousands of models to suit all applications, we can supply an Eaton DG series directional valve that’s a perfect fit.

NG 4 to NG 32 (D02 to D10)
Up to 350 bar (5,000 psi)
Up to 1,100 L/min (290 gal/min)

A directional control valve for every machine

Eaton DG series valves are available with various methods of actuation, sizes, pressure ratings, flow, voltage and wattage, electrical connections and other features, so you can find just the right solution for your application.

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Technical information

  • Method of actuation
    • Solenoid
    • Hydraulic
    • Pneumatic pilot
    • Lever
    • Mechanical
  • Size: NG 4 to NG 32 (D02 to D10)
  • Pressure: Up to 350 bar (5,000 psi)
  • Flow: Up to 1,100 L/min (290 gal/min)
  • Voltage: AC & DC
  • Various electrical connections 
  • Spool monitoring switch options
  • ATEX, UL and CSA approved explosion proof options


  • Die casting and foundry
  • Machine tooling
  • Marine/offshore
  • Presses
  • Primary metals
  • Plastics
  • Pulp and paper
  • Test equipment and simulation
  • Turbine control (wind, steam, water)
  • Wood processing

Save space and cut installation costs with Eaton SystemStak

SystemStak is a compact way to mount modular valves between a directional control valve and a standard mounting surface. With SystemStak, you get a full range of complementary pressure, flow and check valve functions. Use SystemStak to:

  • Reduce installation costs
  • Eliminate external leakage
  • Boost resistance to contamination
  • Provide easy access for service and maintenance
  • Save space

Learn more about SystemStak

Eaton Vickers SystemStak valve

Don’t forget the subplates and bolt kits

To install Eaton industrial valves, you need Eaton subplates and bolt kits. This hardware is engineered especially for Eaton valves and manifolds to give your systems the flat surfaces and stiffness required for a reliable seal.

Let's work together

Whether you’re designing a new system or retrofitting an existing machine, Eaton’s design and engineering experts and integrator partners are available for consultation and collaboration. We offer system design, analysis, build and project management services.
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