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Priority valves

Available in three sizes, Eaton load-sensing priority valves provide dependable flow on demand for steering, braking or other priority functions, while allowing excess flow to be used for auxiliary functions.

Dependable flow on demand
Up to 240 L/min (63 gal/min)

System design

Eaton priority valves can be used with open centre, closed centre or load-sensing systems. Use in an open centre system with a fixed displacement pump, or a closed centre system with a pressure compensated pump, offers many of the features of a load-sensing system.

There are two types of load-sensing signal systems: static and dynamic. In a static signal system, the pump and priority valve sense a static pressure in the sensing line. Static signal systems are used for conventional applications in which response or circuit stability is not a problem. In a dynamic signal system, the pump and priority valve sense boosted pressure in the load-sensing line caused by the spring and a small amount of flow through the dynamic signal orifice from the control flow line. Used with fixed or variable displacement pumps, the dynamic signal system offers several advantages, including faster steering response, improved cold weather startup performance and increased flexibility to optimise system performance and stability.

Technical information


  • Pressure rating: 276 bar (4,000 psi)
  • Flow: 60 L/min (16 gal/min)


  • Pressure rating:
    • EF port: 310 bar (4,500 psi)
    • CF port: 276 bar (4,000 psi)
  • Flow: 150 L/min (40 gal/min)


  • Pressure rating:
    • EF port: 297 bar (4,300 psi)
    • CF port: 276 bar (4,000 psi)
  • Flow: 240 L/min (63 gal/min)


  • Tractors
  • Motor graders
  • Lift trucks
  • Backhoes
Tractor plowing crop fields

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