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Solenoid valves

Even in the harshest environments, you can count on industry-leading Eaton solenoid valves to meet nearly every flow, pressure and directional control challenge. With superior ingress protection and unsurpassed performance, Eaton’s solenoid valves give you maximum flexibility and complete control over your hydraulic systems.

Reliable, economic and compact
Pressure rating
Up to 350 bar (5,000 psi)
Flow rating
Up to 227 L/min (60 gal/min)

Choose your flow path

Select from the widest range of flow paths and positions to satisfy your needs with Eaton solenoid valves. Options include:

  • Normally open and normally closed
  • Spool and poppet 
  • Variety of position combinations

Hardened and ground materials

All of Eaton's solenoid cartridge valves are made of hardened and ground steel, which provides durability and low leakage.

Enhanced corrosion protection

Eaton cartridge valves and coils can be supplied with either zinc or zinc nickel plating, and aluminium manifolds can be anodised to improve corrosion resistance. 

Internally rectified coils

Eaton internally rectifies standard AC coils to supply them with DC current and avoid an "in-rush" current. 

Featured resources

Create custom manifold designs quickly and easily

Eaton's circuit design software studio walks you through the process of designing a manifold. Start by accessing step-by-step training modules and end with a quote for everything you need.

CAD resources

Access 3D solid models of Eaton's screw-in cartridge valves (SiCVs) and industrial valves for use in designing custom manifolds, and download a library of SiCV symbols, containing more than 1,000 symbols for use in hydraulic system design.

Hands-on help from an engineer

Sometimes it’s just easier to talk to somebody in person. Get in-person technical support for your next custom manifold design project from local application engineers.
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