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VoCALL 16 Digital - Type A outstation

The VoCALL Type A digital outstation is a compact unit which offers easy access via a magnetic push catch door.

The outstation is compatible with VoCALL digital systems for use as a standard fire telephone or disabled refuge call point. It is compatible with all VoCALL digital systems.

Type A outstations are generally used by the fire brigade or fire marshals to communicate with a central control point during an emergency. The all steel construction and flush mounting option allows this unit to be installed in some of the most challenging environments such as sports stadia and industrial complexes.

The units are available in red or stainless steel and flush or surface.

VoCALL 16 Digital - Type A outstation

What is a fire telephone and what does it do during an emergency?

  • Fire telephones are required in buildings over 4 stories in many countries.
  • They are hardwired full duplex communications systems with monitoring and battery backup.
  • They can be used when radio broadcasts experience the “corona” effect of fire.
  • The telephones provide a backup to traditional fireman’s radio systems which can fail to operate in many high rise environments due to a large amount of steel in the building.

Eaton equips five-star residential Hadrian's Tower with emergency voice communication

Location: Newcastle, United Kingdom

Challenge: Ensure the safety of occupants, guests and visitors within a 27 storey luxury apartment building.

Solution: Providing a top-quality emergency voice communication system (EVCS) throughout the building.

Results: A compliant and easy to install system that enables safe evacuation of building occupants during an emergency situation.


“We chose Eaton’s new VoCALL 16 system after a technical evaluation of the systems on the market. Its ease of installation and loop cabled redundancy were the deciding factors in choosing Eaton”

Lee Reed, Managing Director, LTL Systems

VoCALL - Trusted emergency communications system for projects large or small

VoCALL suits all sizes of installation from one and two outstation systems in small shops like Bon Marche, to a massive 364 line dual network system at Westfield Shopping Centre in London’s White City.

Over the years VoCALL has been installed on several high profile projects in some of the world’s most prestigious sites, from Wimbledon AELTCC and St Pancras stations in the UK to the Marina Towers and Jumeirah Tunnel in the Middle East.

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